"... a future as black as this."

A sad day today as I waved goodbye to my Chapman Stick. I'm selling it to a chap in Germany who I'm sure will give it a good home.

This has been a very busy week. Deadlines are approaching for my students, which means many nights ahead dedicated to marking essays. The about to be becoming baby also puts a little pressure on J and myself. The nursery isn't really fully functional yet, but we're close.

I did find the time to see Benjamin Zephaniah at the Oxford Playhouse last week. He was charming, funny and deep. While listening to him talking about his life and reciting his poems I was reminded that the most unlikely people can end up inspiring others. He, for example, had been a criminal and had been thrown out of more schools than he had stayed in. After a spell in prison and trouble with guns he moved to London and followed his poetry muse. He is now so popular he has to go to Beijing to write his novels. Possibly the greatest Rasta, vegan poet in the world.

For myself, the poems are being written but not revealed. I think you can all be happy about that. Two of my photographs are in an exhibition in Faringdon, Oxfordshire this bank holiday weekend though. You can even buy them.

The album still needs mastering but this shouldn't take long. I'm working on a decent promo and trying to write liner notes that won't embarrass me or anyone else.


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