Brian and Avril

Paperwork hell is about to begin. I have a lot of the stuff to wade through in the next two weeks and I know there are a lot of things I could be doing instead. Preparing the house for the baby, jamming with guitar playing friends, writing music, reading books, doing anything with J. Oh well.

This weekend has been one of guests. Richard Guitarist and wife Sarah came over on Friday night to deliver our pram. Sarah is due to give birth three days before J so there was some comparing of tummies while Richard and I talked about the frustrations of not gigging and the delights of buying tripods on Ebay.

Today my folks came over with sweets and savouries from the Malvern Show. Always good to see them. We exchanged conversation over cups of tea and coffee and then, out of the blue, my old friend Birindar arrived. She had moved to Spain six years ago and we only see each other rarely. We too had shared musical adventures but somehow managed to talked about everything from babies to Dr Who.

After everyone left the cat fell asleep on my lap then J and I rounded off the day by sneaking off for a very late veggy breakfast and coffee. I'm feeling heartburn and developing a cough - sure signs that I'm nervous. Not about the baby, but the paperwork - which, I believe, is where we came in.

On a positive note, I'm extremely close to getting the album mastered and I even got a message from the Redundant Rocker on my Myspace site. A reborn Bridge Street should be gigging in the not too distant future. Expect viedo and audio on a web site near you soon.


Rich.. said…
Birindar ?? Is she the mad one who you can't get rid of ?
Will said…
Nope. She's ancient history now.

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