Not a flattering shot but a recent and telling one. Me, happy as a cucumber having finally finished this year's major skip-full of paperwork. Now I'm ready for the baby!

Last night I was at a party where someone (already irritated with me, I suspect) told me that illness was entirely a mental thing and that people with illnesses (like my annoying cough no doubt) were simply weak. I was very tired and in need of some peace so I left. I know I'm going to see this person again and that they are going to remind me of my brief bad temper. How wonderful. If there is one thing that has bugged me since childhood it's people who take one small action of yours and extrapolate out of it your entire (as they see it) personality. It's lazy thinking and is part of the philosophy that anyone slightly odd, nerdy or temperamental is in need of help. [If my folks are reading please look away now] Sorry, but no. It's time for the nerds, geeks, passionately off centre and slightly unconventional amongst us to say, fuck off!

Good. I just needed to vent. Thank you very much.


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