This year could prove to be an interesting one for musicking. With Coffee-Housing on the (virtual) shelves (even if no-one knows it's there) I'm now busy writing material for a much calmer follow up. The mystery instrument will soon be in my hands and then I'll get cracking laying down some basic tracks. As coffee-Housing was about the house I live in it was all recorded here in the building, with noises from within and without forming a big part of the record's texture. This time I'm going to demo the songs at home and then record somewhere else. There should be a few other significant changes but I'll blog them as I go, rather than curse the whole project by planning it in public.

I'm working with two friends who have been writing their own music and I'm looking forward to playing bass and possibly singing on this exciting material. Soul Beaver and Bridge Street should have a few gigs later in the year, including the Beaver's 10th Anniversary Special.

And as if this wasn't enough I've been asked to take part in making an audio commentary for the new Centrozoon album. I've been a big fan of Markus Reuter, Bernhard Woestheinrich and their many projects so this was a real honour. I'm expecting to hear the new album any day now and then we just have to find a good way for people in three or four different parts of the world to have a conversation.


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