Cheese Kazoo

Last week we managed a quick break in Cardiff thanks to J's sister. She generously loaned us her flat while she was elsewhere and so we set up Babyworld in her cool, beautifully decorated place. While there we left the car for a couple of days and walked into the city to enjoy the (allegedly) oldest record store in the world and the superb Madame Fromage. No, not a perverted sexual hang out for dairy fans but a fab deli who serve delicious food to those not in a rush.

While in Cardiff we also played our extended game of 'which store is baby friendly?' Added to the list of good guys is Pizza Express and Mothercare.

We've been back home for a while but feel good to have got away and shown baby Freya somewhere different. This week I've mostly been grooving to Pole, Le Fil and Braggtown.

Oh yes, and I seem to have gone a little mad. I'm entering some scones and a photograph into the local produce show. I have no expectations of winning anything (the top prize would be 50p and a trophy - how cool is that?) but I'll be there next weekend to photograph the event and sabotage anyone else's scones.

As well as this I still haven't done any promotion for Coffee-Housing. Soon. A musical highlight recently was playing with Rich and Rich but this has only made me more itchy to follow up what we did. The new material (from Richard Guitarist) was excellent and hearing it played by a full band was truly exciting. Can I have some more please?

Finally, I might be only a month or so away from getting my new, mystery instrument. It's not a mystery to me, obviously, but I'm very keen to get playing as it could open up some new and interesting musical directions. No, it's not a kazoo.


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