A seriously tiring day today. An enjoyable one too.

The plans for the Centrozoon talk are coming together. I've been listening to the album and enjoying the ... well, I'll tell you more later.

A highlight was when J brought in tomato soup, made from tomatoes from our late neighbour's garden. We had been offered them and, not wanting to see her produce go to waste, we happily took them. The soup was delicious and we toasted Cynthia with it. We were both quite tired and a brief hush fell as we thought about our departed friend from next door. The hush ended when J's bread and cheese fell into her soup bowl, sending up a surprisingly big splash of the hot stuff which splattered around the room. We laughed a lot. So much in fact that I spilled some of my soup.

Enough was left to pay tribute. We won't be taking any soup to the funeral though.


belewbloggfan said…
Hi there Will,
Your tomato soup sounds yummy - and it seems to me that your dear next door neighbour wanted to join in and share your delicious meal from her garden......
It just goes to show how tenuous our hold is on this planet....reminds us to appreciate and enjoy what we have right now, and not waste a second of certainly is NOT a dress rehearsal :-)
I always enjoy reading about you and your family Will. And when I get a chance to take a breath (after the non-existent summer here in Canada) I AM going to purchase your Coffee-Housing CD....
Warmest wishes to all...
Wendy Lozenicins

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