I had a gig on Friday night with Soul Beaver. We played well, despite last minute personal changes (never trust a keyboard player who forgets their stand) and my forgetting the words to half of one song. I did prove though, that if you sing nonsense syllables to a happy, slightly intoxicated crowd, no one will know.

After several late nights the drive home from Aylesbury felt much more like hard work than the gig. If I pack up quick enough I nearly always have enough adrenaline in my system to get me home safely awake - Friday night was a case of not quite enough adrenaline. It was, as ever, great to play live and the audience helped create the much needed atmosphere for us to be good in. It was oddly satisfying to drive through a part of Aylesbury close to where I had lived as a young person many, many years ago.

There are no more Beaver gigs (planned) until next year so now there is a bit of space for new music. Let's go.

And in other news, J and I took Freya swimming on Saturday morning. Actually J did the swimming and I sat in a room reading. We celebrated this baby milestone by traveling to Newbury, shopping and eating. Newbury proved to be a nicely jolly place with the cheeriest busker I have ever seen. Just as we were leaving we found another quarter of the town with fab restaurants and a market. Oh well, next time.

Freya is growing in confidence everyday. It can't be too long before teething, walking and talking appear on her list of skills. Blimey!


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