What is it good for...?

OK, the mystery instrument is a Warr Guitar.

Having spent some time with a Chapman Stick I was wary about playing another touch style instrument. The Stick was a beautifully designed and made thing but, after a year of playing it, I found that I wasn't the right person to make the most of it. The Stick is a purely tapping instrument (at least it is with me playing it) and that wasn't what I wanted to dedicate myself to.

After trying a Warr Guitar I found the right balance of style and versatility. As soon as it was in my hands I was happy. The proof of this is in the long hours I have been spending at night just playing and exploring. I can't wait to play it loud.

Also, just as I was hoping to have some new material to play on, along came a CD of tracks from guitarist and good-ideas man, Colin Price with a request for my input. I'm confident a digital collaberation has stared which could become an album of tunes, themes and grooves. We'll see.

Pal Richard Guitarist has played the Warr and discovered the delights of a well made instrument and a strange tuning. Who knows where this could all lead?

News from the non-guitar part of my life shortly.


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