In the garden

It's been a busy and, in some ways, hard weekend. Family has been at the forefront but the paperwork hell that comes with being a teacher at this time of the year is nearly over. I'm looking forward to reading books for pleasure, seeing more of J and Freya (and the extended world of Grandparents) and getting to play more music.

The new album is still taking shape, slowly. The pile of demos is awaiting selection, remixing and re-recording, while a few more tunes are being arranged in my head and await recording.

While briefly at my folks recently I took this shot of their garden. I used the HDR technique because no shot I've taken before has cpatured the sheer lushness of the place. This garden is an important place to me even though I'm not even slightly a gardener (unlike my dad or J who seem to be naturals when faced with seeds, cuttings, dibbers and the like). I think the result works, for me if not for anyone else.


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