Music and Pictures

The new Trey Gunn album is out. I highly recommend. It's made up of many short tracks which have previously accompanied visuals and it therefore cunningly titled 'Music for Pictures.' I also noticed Adam Ant's b-sides album is available on iTunes, which means you can now get the wonderful 'Red Scab.'

I've been listening to music by Trey, Colleen and Camille, although when I give in to the iPod it seems to want to play me Bridge Street songs and my own stuff. Talking of which, I've finished another demo for the new album. Three more pieces need to be put down then I can start re-mixing/re-recording/re-writing. It's all good stuff and I'm enjoying playing the Warr Guitar more every day. The more I get to grips with it, the more I discover its capabilities.

In other news I should have some of my photographs on display at the next Faringdon Arts Festival. And when I say 'on display' I don't just mean framed and hanging in a gallery. Some of the shots are going to be hugely magnified and beamed up on a wall at night. I can't wait. Photography is something I've always played with but rarely got any credit for. That could be because most of my photos were either crap or to hard to read. I remember colleagues at a shop I once worked at asking why I had photographed the edge of a roof - all I saw were great shapes and colours but they wanted a reason and something recognizable. On the other hand I once showed some shots to a I was quite proud of to a more experienced friend and she described them, rather witheringly, as 'snapshots'.

I can be really pretentious sometimes but I've stuck with it and keep taking pictures. Since digital photography came along, and especially since I've had a good DSLR to use, my success rate has started improving and I can now start to feel I'm becoming a good photography. Mind you, I'm almost always bad with portraits and many of my pictures are just plane terrible. It's just nice to find something else that can give you pleasure.


Art Durkee said…
Good news on the photography front: well done!

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