One of the better weekends. On Saturday I went to a music show (guitars, studio technology and, in a separate room, drummers) with good pal Richard Guitarist. We took in wide collection of musical gear, both good and bad. Highlights were watching Paul Gilbert coping with a dodgy CD player and a cracking bass player soloing in a way that was interesting and exciting - not something you get to witness too often.

As fun as the show was I enjoyed the traveling just as much. Intelligent conversation while getting out and about is a good combination.

On Sunday J, Freya and I went to the home of pals Richard and Sarah to enjoy a barbecue (veggy in my case) with friends with babies. This was a friendly and enjoyable way to spend a Sunday and it was all the more wonderful because I got to spend the time with my family. Balance has been achieved, the Original Dayjob is soon ending and I'm ready to play more live music. Make a note, life is good.


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