A stunning game of tennis between Andy Murray and Richard Gasquet tonight. I expected Murray to fade away after losing the first two sets but no. I've rarely been so happy to be wrong.

I've learnt to love watching sports over the years but it's hard to find anything more thrilling than a good grass court game of tennis. Maybe some snowboard X. And possibly Rugby Union, but you get my drift.

I started the new dayjob properly today. With the last job (which I did for nine years) it felt wrong to blog anything. Blogging about your job is about as sensible as going on Ebay drunk, after all. The new dayjob involved me signing an official secrets document so I really can't blog anything. Didn't a promise some spilling of beans about Original Dayjob though? Hmmm.

Freya was acting as DJ on the living room hi-fi today. We heard this:

The opening five seconds of Arvo Part's 'Tabula Rasa'
About twenty seconds of the Birdsong channel on digital radio.
The same but turned up VERY LOUD (I've love to hear if anyone in the street was annoyed by exessively loud birdsong).
Five sends of 'Tabula Rasa' again
The same five seconds again
And again
And again
And again
And again
Birdsong - quiet for a bit then REALLY REALLY LOUD once more
A few seconds of Robert Fripp playing soundscape
Birdsong - quiet
Robert Fripp playing approixately one note (sorry RF)
Birdsong - VERY LOUD but then
'Tabula Rasa'
And again
And then silence.

Tomorrow night I might let my one year old DJ loose on a laptop mashup of her own.


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