This week, although tired from too much driving, I'm invigorated.

Music has re-entered my life after a brief break. That is, playing music has returned, since I always seem to have tunes buzzing around inside my head.

Last night, I sat down with a Precision bass and a small amp and started re-learning music for a Bridge Street gig. Usually I play a five -string fretless bass with this band but change was in the air, so out came this 1950s designed beast.

I played through a large chunk of the song list and noted that muscle memory is an amazing thing. Songs I would not be able to talk you through were there, in my hands, waiting to come out. I also noted that months of playing the Warr Guitar has left me slightly out of alignment with the bass. My timing suffered a little as I adapted back to four strings and the P-bass's slab body. The Warr Guitar has eight strings and a gloriously curved body, not to mention a completely different tuning system.

So, hours passed, and I felt energised, rather than tired, as this practising was leading to full band rehearsals and at least one gig in the near(ish) future. Sorting out arrangements and finding new ways to adapt classic songs was also keeping me happy.

On top of this there is a strong sense of possibility that feels both scarey and wonderful. This is coming from those close to me and (without sounding too bonkers) it feels like a whole new phase is starting. I notice that this is the third recent post to mention this feeling of change but it's only in the last couple of days that it has started to find form. Whatever that means.


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