The frustrations and the wonder

So the frustating and wonderful news is all about me and music. Sorry. No new babies, no sudden religious convertion and no lottery win.

My new project has been building up, with lots of new music appearing and being recorded. There are still two tracks in my head which I know I can make a decent job of but I don't have the time to record properly. There just isn't the luxury of setting up everything I need and taking time to get it right just yet. These two pieces need a bit more workthan just plugging guitar into laptop, which has been the method of choice recently.

So, I now have all but two pieces and the months of editting and re-recording have been 'rationalised' - yuck - into a much smaller space. In stead of tweaking everything I just threw out a lot more material and made some tougher decisions. I've even worked out the artwork in record time. This was helped by an almost pathological need to take photographs since I got hold of a decent camera last year.

Another frustration is that I'm rubbish at mixing and don't seem to get better no matter how much I do.

The good news though is that a new Spingere album, probably hard copy as well as digital download this time, should be available before the year is over. Then what?


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