A wonderfully full day yesterday. After breakfast, Freya and I went swimming and then managed a little while back at home before going to Oxford. We were heading for Jamie's Italian, which is the Italian restaurant set up by Jamie Oliver. The reason for being there was to celebrate the birthday of super-pal, singer and all round good person, Emma. We met up with her, Richard Drummer, Dave Trombonist, his wife and son. Freya could have been calmer (which is to say she was a handful throughout the entire meal) but we all had a good time. The food, service and general ambiance were excellent - and the price was very reasonable.

After two hours of celebrating, squirming around and some eating we went to Borders for a trawl through the shelves. Then it was time to go home where I gave her a bath, put her to bed and looked forward to an evening of trying to stay awake. A great day.

I did manage to edit a few pieces of music and re-work a few pieces that aren't going on the album. By the time I'd finished I had a second album of music I was also (now) happy with. Ah. Now what?

Finally this week I got excited about some software that hasn't even been released yet and an album that isn't yet available.

But... I did catch a few minutes of John Adam's 'Doctor Atomic' on Radio Three and thought I'd hear the whole thing on the BBC's Listen Again service. Except, I have just discovered it's one of the few things you can't listen again to. Bugger!


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