For Christmas my sister in law bought be a CD of acoustic singer songwriters of the female variety. I played it in the car and enjoyed hearing some new songs. When I finally got home I picked it out of its case and put it into the laptop with the aim of burning it onto the iPod. But no, horror and misery ensued. I had inadvertently picked up a CD shaped paper insert too (static electricity has a downside it turned out) and both CD and paper went into the laptop. The computer then made a pathetic chocking noise, over and over again, trying to eject the disc. This went on until I was forced to take the laptop apart to remove the foreign body (hint: don't "removing foreign body from laptop" into Google - it doesn't help). But wait, further frustration. There were about 12 screws to undo to get to the CD drive but the twelfth screw wasn't budging.

I spent days with the computer switched off (I couldn't hear that sound without feeling sad and annoyed). Finally, I switched it on to back up recent work before any further fiddling around happened. In a moment of ... let's call it 'focused thought' I hit the laptop on top of it's drive and after a short "purrrrghhhhh" sound, out popped the CD and paper insert.

We're all much better now.

Tomorrow, tales of new music and a much more successful technical moment.


nmj said…
happy new year, will - glad the laptop 'coughed up' in the end!

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