Christmas has been enjoyable but tiring. Lots of visits to family and some grisly nights of coughing and crying form Freya have left me with little energy. On Boxing day morning at 4:00am we were all up watching snowboarding (there wasn't a lot of choice) and the only full night's sleep so far happened last night.

That said, it's already proving an exciting year musically - and not just because both Richard Guitarist and myself received Stylophones as Christmas presents. I'm taking up an odd, last minute challenge of a musical nature tonight and so have to be off quicker than I thought. But here we are again, and this year, I feel, has a welcome, optimistic feel about it. That might only be in the world of music, but surely that's enough for now.

Quickly though, those of you with access to the BBC iPlayer, go to here and enjoy a terrified sounding host and some stirring music.


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