So. I know my cold is going because I now have a cough. It's just persistent enough to wake everyone else in the house so I've come downstairs to sleep on the sofa. I'm not sleeping though.

Luckily, as the remote is broken and I, therefore, can't turn the subtitles on, there was a subtitled Korean movie on at three this morning. It's now five and I'm ready to admit that surfing the net is probably going to do me very little good.

Freya will probably wake up in about an hour and a half so I'll log off and see what happens. Think sleepy thoughts for me.


Just to be clear though, I'm not even slightly miserable. There is something lovely about this time in the morning and I appreciate it. It's just a shame that my body feels like it's ready for regeneration (note to self: don't watch Doctor Who when ill).


nmj said…
Will, I have the same thing, I had a shilly shallying half cold about two weeks ago, it seemed to disappear but then a cough came from nowhere last week, I am coughing like Steptoe. I think I will need antibios to shift it, but no GPs til Tuesday. Hope you feel better.

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