Breaking up is... hard

Breaking up is... hard
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This is what took up a large part of Sunday. I'm not really built for heavy, physical work and did not enjoy the first attack on this stretch of concrete that had to be removed from in front of the house. I was mentally comparing my levels of 'enjoyment' with some bad gigs I had been to. This activity compared, unfavourably, to a less than great Level 42 gig in the eighties.

But, of course, when the work was done, and I'd finished carting wheelbarrow loads of rubble to the back garden, and my blistered hands had stopped shaking, and I was eating a nice dinner in the open air, I felt a sense of achievement.

I know that some people will be happy with me for doing things like this, while the fact that I spent a year writing, playing on and recording an album means (pretty much) nothing to them. Oh well.

In other news, over the last week I've made contact with the two key members of an early band of mine. Will this lead to any new projects? In one case probably not (she's not played the drums for nearly twenty years) but in the other, quite possibly.

Bridge Street and Soul Beaver are reforming for gigs. Richard Drummer has been working hard on the Marillion tour but should be home soon. Richard Guitarist has fought his way through piles of paperwork, Emma Singer is (I suspect) ready to sing again. I'm waiting to hear more details about the depping gigs I've been asked to do - but what I want more than anything is to get back on stage with my friends and make music. That's where I feel I'm really achieving something.


Johnny said…
I felt your pain, Will! I did! Thats a job! Great chatting with you on gmail today; looking forward to some fun with you, et al!

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