Where I'm at...

For anyone who's interested here's a quick update.

I'm in the last week of nanowrimo which means that I have just slightly over 10,000 words to write to finish my novel before midnight on 30th November. The time taken to get this written has eaten into my musicking time and a bit more besides. However, like an awful temporary job it is possible to deal with because I know the end is in sight. If I take a day off it will only make it that bit harder the next day, so I write every day and, in some perverse way, I feel really good about it.

In the world of music many things are being arranged and updated. Soul Beaver is being put back together again and the Eclipse trio has put back its gigs until early next year. We should be streaming some rehearsals this month and maybe next month too. I'll post links here, on Facebook and on Twitter when we're more sure.

Why would you want to watch a band rehearsing? Well, we're almost at performance standard so you should see a set, rather than people desperately trying to remember chords and arrangements. It's the unknown that makes things exciting for the viewer and, hopefully, for us.

For anyone following my 365 project on Flickr you might like to know that I've not given up. I have many backlogged pictures in my camera but what with the novel writing I've not had time to upload and sort them out. Soon, I promise.

Now, time to sleep. Perchance to zzzzzzzzzzzzz


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