Drugs and Flapjack

Yesterday at the day job things happened that left me drained. After work I drove off to record another track with the trio but spent the first few hours trying to rescue some files of music from a previous week’s session. The system used didn’t want to give up the tracks without a fight, but we got them in the end. These piano, guitar and bass parts will form part of a song for the new Spingere album.

Then, we started work on the latest song to be recorded. This is a piece with so much space in it we should have hired a conductor. Time moved on and it became apparent that we weren’t going to get a good take. So, we settled for a ‘reference’ take, to make it easier to pick up next time and called it a (late) night.

I drove home and felt the combination of a stressful day, hard work and a small helping of frustration. The drive home lasted about 40 minutes so I put on ‘Drugs’ by Talking Heads and most of the Holon album by Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin. Somehow, through the wonders of music, this kept me focussed and awake enough to get home safely.

This morning, my daughter woke me up by walking into my room and announcing, “I want to make flapjack because I’ve had enough sleep.” So, now I’m ok once again.


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