Nice and straightforward

After some pizza, coffee and doughnuts the guitarist, piano player and I looked over the music and agreed this was a tune that shouldn’t hold too many surprises. I even heard myself saying, “Oh, this looks nice and straightforward.”

Before recording a note we agreed to play through the sections, make notes on dynamics, strange chord inversions and places most likely to cause a disaster.

That done we played through the song a few times and then hit the red button.

I don’t know if it was the late hour, or the false sense of security but this turned out to be a song that didn’t want to be recorded. We had agreed we didn’t want multiple versions of songs which would then be comped together to make a perfect track. The band philosophy was ‘play it right, straight to tape.’ We did this, but much later in the evening; just before (I suspect) we lost the ability to play it at all anymore.

Next week, we’ll listen back and see if it really worked.


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