Knee - A quick cautionary tale.

For many years I did yoga. A practice I greatly enjoyed and got many benefits from (improved health, better concentration, a memory of someone farting loudly in a room full of lycra-clad ladies). Then, a few years ago I decided to take up running. Within a month I had injured my knee, making running and yoga impossible.

Recently, the knee seemed to have healed and I’ve been planning a return to regular yoga sessions. Last week though, just before a recording session I was sitting cross-legged on a chair. My guitarist friend said, “I wish I could sit in the lotus position like that.”
“Oh no,” I stupidly replied, “this isn’t the lotus position. I’ll show you.” And then I tucked my legs under each other in full lotus style.

What followed was a couple of seconds of warm smugness that I could demonstrate said position and bathe in the admiration of my pal, followed by searing pain and the feeling that I might need a team of medics to untangle my legs.

This could be seen as a lesson in humility, a warning about limitations or just a sign that middle aged people shouldn’t muck about with silly, bendy leg postures unless they’re Sting.


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