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29th June 2012 by WJCruttenden
29th June 2012, a photo by WJCruttenden on Flickr.

It's been almost a week since my operation. The knee gets better by the day but I still can't drive, run, tap dance or do the splits.
Yesterday, after walking (well hobbling) back from the local school I bumped into a man who asked what I'd had done (while I'm on crutches this question takes over from "Aren't you Freya's dad?"). It turned out he was a veteran of the hospital I went to since he had an artificial leg and goes there for regular check ups. He had lost his wife to cancer a few years ago but still had a bright outlook. I felt like a fraud for letting my silly little knee op get me down and walked home with a more purposeful stride.
This turned out to be a mistake. Purposeful strides are for people who haven't had keyhole surgery, it seems. More painkillers and a rest followed.


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