Post post op

I have been told by the physio to find a balance between keeping mobile and resting my leg (see the post below). Since the operation I've been doing quite well, but I've obviously got the balance wrong since my knee has started complaining about all the movement.
Today, just as I put my leg up to rest it the 'phone rang and I had to get up and hobble over to answer it.
Person on phone: Hello, is that Mr Cruttenden
Me: Who is this?
PoP: How are you today?
Me: (Sensing a huge waste of time): I've just had an operation on my knee and getting to the phone has been quite painful, so this had better be an interesting call.
PoP: My name is Carla Lopez, and today's my birthday!
Me: Happy birthday. (Put phone down)

Who are these people? And why do they only call when you're cooking a meal or trying to rest your aching leg?

Anyway, more rest tomorrow.


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