Sweet and sour

Yesterday was a day of two halves. One part I can’t write about in detail but it involved me having to watch a good person being treated very badly. To anyone older the twelve it will be no surprise to hear this but some companies have no ethical foundation whatsoever. I watched a company acting within its rights but completely without respect or regard for human feelings. It made me sick.

In the evening I played music with a thoughtful and interesting (and loud) group of musicians. Within a short space of time new music appeared and even some lyrical ideas connected with corporate greed and the unethical practises of such folk. It felt timely and helped heal  some of the earlier nastiness.

Next week I return to the Eclipse trio’s recording sessions, which are coming along well.

When I find a bit more time I’ll post about a gig I went to last week which saw me meet my all-time great bass playing hero.


Lee Fletcher said…
It was great to meet you too Will... Oh, you mean that 'other' bass player who was there? ;-)

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