Balloon mood

On Saturday I had a fabulous few hours in Oxford with my children. We were there to buy my daughter some school shoes but we managed to squeeze in some other, more exciting adventures too.
Freya put up with a trip in an overheated car, then a bus journey, waiting in the shoe shop, trying on several pairs of shoes, queueing at the bank (credit card disaster) twice, a long 'phone call to sort out the credit card disaster (the bank had mistakenly reduced my credit limit to £40), some shopping for the grandparents and sundry other things. Amazingly she did all this without complaining. I was stunned and rewarded her good behaviour with a helium balloon.

She did her best to look after the balloon and not let it slip away as we visited one more shop, got on the bus, found the car and drove home. When we got out of the car I reminded her not to let it go so she wrapped the ribbon around her arm and walked to the house. The front door was open and she ran the last few steps to show her mum the balloon.

Sadly, the balloon snagged on the door frame and escaped into the air, leaving Freya with a length of ribbon and nothing else. It's possible I felt worse than she did.

Anyway, enough of my middle class ramblings. There is music news. The Eclipse Trio has a soon-to-be-confirmed gig which will call on us to play a mixture of original and cover tunes. This requires a brand new set list and many songs to be learnt in a short space of time. I love these sort of gigs.

Another musical project could be taking shape over the winter. I'll post details once it becomes more real.


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