One for the computer music nerds

Some weeks ago my much used laptop died. Everything was rescued that needed rescuing and I was lucky enough to get a shiny MacBook Pro to replace it. With my non-musical life being rather busy at the moment I’ve found it hard to do any recordings but yesterday I had a few hours spare, at home and alone.

So, as ever, I got out my bass, some cables and the laptop and set up some beats on Ableton Live to play over. And then it all went wrong.

For starters the new 13” MacBook Pro doesn’t have an audio in socket, as I told it had. This is a very recent change to the computer’s specs and, although annoying, wasn’t a big deal because the audio in 1/8th” jack sockets you need don’t carry a great signal.

So, I dug out my USB interface, plugged it in and… nothing. Ableton didn’t recognise it anymore. I tried Garageband with the same result. Some checks online revealed that Tascam (the makers of the interface) hadn’t updated the drivers yet. Grrrr.

So now I have a lovely computer with top notch recording software and the only way to record anything is through the tiny, tinny microphone.

Now I have to wait for new drivers or buy a new interface. So, off to the music shop this weekend.


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