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6th September 2012 by WJCruttenden
6th September 2012, a photo by WJCruttenden on Flickr.
This last week has been a tough one. My dad has been in hospital with a problem relating to his cancer. A few nights ago I was preparing to say goodbye. Tonight things look a little better.
While this is going on I've been keeping the momentum of some new musical projects going. One band has a gig looming and we are required to play covers for some of it. This being the drum-free trio we'll be putting an interesting spin on things. Another band, still forming and growing is giving me a place to play music that has only existed in my head (and in demos on Garageband) until now. This is very exciting. But last night, having read as much as I could, I picked up the oud and attempted to play something meaningful. What I actually played was badly intonated and sloppy, but it showed me how poerful this quiet, delicate instrument could be when I finally get more experience with it.
Driving to and from hospital and the dayjob the piles of CDs that act like an emergency reserve of emotional strength, keep me company.


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