Sovereign Housing

Last night my three year old son Jude's eczema took a turn for the worse. I took him downstairs so J could get some sleep before setting of to work at 5:30. Around 2:30 in the morning I was just getting Jude back to sleep when the neighbours banged their bedroom cupboard door so hard the vibration knocked shoes off our shoes rack. Tonight their cigarette smoke is coming into our bedrooms again and as I write this I'm listening to their telly, which is turned up good and loud.

The thoughtlessness of my neighbours is bad enough but what has really got under my skin is the housing association responsible for their house and the faults which allow us to suffer so much form their noise and smoke. I started writing to them (Sovereign Housing) early last May and this is what they've done since. 1. Agreed to a meeting with us. 2. Sent a person round to look (just look) at our walls. That's it. The only reason we got the visit was because I wrote to my MP and their CEO. It seems my children's health means nothing to them.

From now on I'm going to be a lot more public about this.

There will still be posts about basses, poetry and my usual trivial stuff, just in case you were worried.


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