String Quartets

Here we are six days into the year and something amazing has happened.

I've had a year of farting around, trying to get the latest Spingere album to a state where I'm happy with it. First I wrote the music, then recorded it, then threw it out, then re-wrote it, then re-recorded it, then threw it out again. Since the past year has involved a lot of playing music with others I didn't worry too much about releasing my own stuff, although there was always that nagging feeling that I had run out of steam.

Then, the constantly inventive Sid Smith posted a collection of his String Quartet photographs. There are not of four classical musicians sawing away but, as you'll see below, shots of windows and rain drops.

The challenge was out to pick a picture or two and compose music as if the photograph was a graphic score. I chose movements one and two from String Quartet IV and the music just appeared. It took a few days and a trip to a friend's lovely ambient room to complete the recordings and then I sent them off. Maybe the secret was to not dwell on the music but just get it done.

When Sid has collected all the pieces together I'll post a link.


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