The neighbours have a word

So, the housing association have gone in to next door's and closed up their fireplace to help keep the noise down. We still don't know what they are doing about the smoke. But, when I came home last night, with the children, I was approached by Mr Next Door's dad who told me to stop reporting his son because I was causing him stress. Unbelievable. I asked if he thought it was acceptable to be woken by slamming doors in the early hours and he said I should expect some noise. I asked if he thought it was acceptable that my children have been breathing in cigarette smoke (this was more a point directed at the housing association than his son) and he told me it wasn't happening.

As you can imagine, I'm not happy being told not to report the problems I'm experiencing and this doesn't exactly make us feel less threatened. The neighbours are now, it seems, angry at us because their fireplace is boarded up (as per their tenancy agreement) and they can't afford to heat their house. So we are the bad guys.


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