Some progress to report.

Last week I sat down with my great pal, Emma and we put together some interesting backing vocals for the songs we'll be recording next month. 'Interesting' means 'untested' of course, but I have high hopes. This band, still needing a name, is now taking shape to be one of the most powerful and exciting music projects I've ever been involved with.

Last night I recorded some upright bass parts for new Eclipse Trio songs and helped Russ, the singer, to record his vocals. This came after recording acoustic guitar parts for each song. Russ played a conventional part first and then recorded a second, interweaving part on a separate track. The style of the second guitar part was different for the two songs but, in each case, created a huge sound. Once the vocals were complete we did a very rough mix and liked the results.

One other thing that came out of last night's session was the need for some oud playing on one of the tracks. I've had an oud for a while now but, despite enjoying the instrument greatly, it's just not suiting me. It is a beautiful instrument but it's a traditional oud and the violin style tuning pegs and I are not getting on. Taking more than twenty minutes to tune up doesn't work when those twenty minutes might be the only practise time I have. This is my fault for not prioritising my time better and for not thinking through the nature of the instrument. Luckily, there is a solution. I'll tell you more about that later.


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