The Neighbours and Sovereign Housing - more of nothing

We still have no word from Sovereign Housing after the last anti-social report about the neighbour's and their weeks of car alarm fun. I did speak to someone else in the street who was being driven mad by the noise but didn't want to complain.
Today, and yesterday, we were entertained by hours of drum and bass music, swearing in the back garden and the sight of their car parked right outside our house while their friends hang around.

Our reward for sticking our heads over the parapet and complaining is that we’ll have an almost impossible job selling our house. I hate to sound like a victim but our qulaity of life goes down each week. We're doing what we can but feel increasingly isolated.
Today's lesson is...

Work hard, do the right thing and suffer.

Play loud music, swear, intimidate, act aggressively and … carry on.


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