2018 Top Ten part 2

Part 2.

I didn't get to too many gigs this year but the ones I did go to were all excellent.

Stickmen. Tony Levin, Markus Reuter and Pat Mastelotto tearing it up in a converted chapel just outside Cardiff. Tony Levin is the bass player's bass player. Markus is a composer, instrument designer, teacher and all round nice guy who has written some of my favourite music of the last fifteen years. Pat, a staggeringly inventive drummer who signed a set of his King Crimson sticks for my daughter (a budding drummer).  Not only was the music superb but the venue made it's own, highly delicious pizza! To top it off I got to meet several new musician friends, including Chris Harris and long time pal (who I almost never get to see), Lee Fletcher. It was a great night.

The Proms. I've been to the Proms a lot over the years. I took a break when the children were very young, but my daughter, who is obsessed with music, started coming with me a few years ago. It was a tough day as I had to break some bad news to her on the train to London. But the concert was a joyful experience.

Ronin. I got to see the trio version of Ronin at Turner Sims near Southampton. Their bassist was unwell and couldn't travel but they pulled together an interesting set non the less. After the gig, and thanks to my previous internet only friend, Adrian, I got a chance to chat to Nik Bartsch and semi-jokingly offer my services as a bassist. I am a huge fan of Ronin, finding their music always accessible. Some music needs a certain mood or situation to be enjoyed. I can put a Ronin album on at any time and it's fine. Nik asked if I was coming to their show at Ronnie Scott's but it was sold out.

But... after a message form Nik, I tried Ronnie Scott's again and found one ticket available. This time Ronin drafter in their original bassist, and one of my heroes (6 string bass again), Bjorn Meyer. This gig, in one of my favourite venues, seeing a favourite band playing with someone who had a history of making great music with them, in a situation which probably wouldn't be repeated, made the gig one of the best I've ever been to.


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