2018 Top Ten part 6-10

And finally.

This hasn't been the easiest of years. Having just got my head around losing both my parents, I also lost my incredible Aunt Ann (who my mum had helped bring up). Losing her was tough, as she went quickly and had been possessed of a very strong personality. To receive a text message telling me she had died was a real blow. Then later in the year, Ann's twin, my uncle Don died. I hadn't know Don as well but, just after my mum died, he had called me to tell me stories of her kindness. I went to Yorkshire for his funeral and found a whole, big, section of family I'd not know about. I'm now down to one uncle.

2018 was also a year of difficult and painful decisions. Dealing with my old family home and its contents wasn't always easy.

On the brighter side. I've done some wonderful things this year. Some fill-in bass gigs, swimming in the sea, watching Tweedy the Clown at Giffords Circus, working with some wonderful colleagues in my day job, playing music with my lovely friends and bandmates and reading a lot more books than I usually would in a year.

And even though I haven't had the funds to buy as many albums as I'd like this year, I have been able to hear plenty of good music. Fuel for the soul.


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