Four weeks and three days

Look at all the changes. Wedding lists have gone out, there isn't much left to do except buy clothes - oh, and find the money to buy them with. Luckily I have two gigs this week: one singing, one as a bassist.

I managed to get back into swimming today. It makes no sense but I already feel as if I've been exercising for weeks, not scarfing low-level comfort food on an all too regular basis.

Next week I face the horrors of a job interview. This time I fully intend to ask plenty of questions to make sure it is the right job for me. Last time I was so pleased to get the job I forgot to check it made sense to take it. I met plenty of great people but ultimately couldn't keep on with it. Rash and stupid are the words that spring to mind when I think of my resigning without a secure job to go to, at 40, just before getting married. Brave is what my lovely friends all say.

And finally, the weather. Today has been one of those typically untypical British days. Cold and cloudy in the morning, with the radio reporting rain that wasn't falling here. I went to the local market town for more paper and diabetic chocolates (for a wedding guest). By the time I was home the sun was out and by four I was roasting. As I look out of the window, Jenna is catching up on sleep and a calm night is slowly descending on the village.

Current listening: Hairless Handle - Piore Z


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