Two weeks and three days

It's all getting worryingly close now. The big panic this week was when Jenna and I were talking about our two nights in a Gatwick hotel and suddenly questioned whether we were actually flying from Gatwick. It sounds silly but we've been here before, two years ago. I had to make a quick phone call just before we caught a coach to a hotel we, technically, weren't booked into. So,as I said, panic.

While Jenna was away with her sister I had a night on my own. I rented a copy of 'Lost in Translation' which I loved. Direction, cinematography, acting, settings, all came together to make me forget I was watching a film. I'd put it right up there with Three Colours Blue (and White and Red) in the 'if someone held a gun to my head and, for a reason not made clear asked for my favourite films of all time' list.

I am also pleased to report that both the bands I play in rehearsed this week and, even better than that, the 'new song' has been finished and sent off to Radio 2's song-writing contest. This song was a combination of a tune Richard (guitarist, engineer and country gent) had written some time ago and a lyric I supplied. The two went together well but we spent nearly four hours working on the chorus, trying to get just the write combination and sound of words.

Also on a music theme, Jenna and I are getting very close to choosing the wedding music. this is good because it has to be selected and checked by the registrar by ... let me see ... this Saturday. I'd better get back to that.

Current listening: In My Place - Bridge Street.


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