Three weeks and four days

Something I hadn't mentioned before was the music and readings for the ceremony. Or is it a service? Either way civil marriages have come on a bit since the old cash and carry days. We have been asked to provide suitable music and readings for the day. Suitable in this case means 'with no religious connotations whatsoever.' This is harder than it sounds. My best man suggested 'Whole lot of love' by Led Zeppelin. I've been tempted by 'You know my name' by the Beatles. Just a dream.
On the way home today I heard a half hour radio programme about Bach's double violin concerto. First movement is all formal communication. Second movement: sexy intimacy. Third movement: Rude interruptions, apologies and talking over each other. Could there be a more perfect piece. When I finally got home I played it through and thought this is it.
Then I went back to the Beatles.

Current listening: You know my name... - The Beatles.


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