Four weeks and two sleeping dogs

Today seemed to be the point in the marriage countdown where there guest list threatened to explode in a scary, out of control manner. Jenna and I agonised over this list, keeping it small but feeling pain at excluding so many people we love. However, 'recent developments' have caused the list to be slightly tweezed. Luckily the size of the reception venue has helped us stick to our original plan without offending anyone. There will be at least one post hooneymoon gathering with food, drink and music. Emails will fly when we've sorted that out.

Today I played music in front of a live audience for the first time in months. Great fun. It always is fun to stand in for someone else. You get to experience different arrangements of songs, different songs for that matter, new people and ideas too. Today was no exception. We played blues/rock/soul to a mixed audience, chilling in a field under a mostly blue sky. Two DJ tents, men playing drums, a barbecue with a veggy option and the sound of the Muppet Show album mixed with Zappa's 'Road Ladies'.
I only screwed up a few times (playing 'Brick' a semitone out for a whole verse and thinking "boy, someone is really out of tune" untill the horrible truth dawned).
The sleeping dogs in the title belonged to the man whose home we were playing at. They slept head to... er, tail during soundcheck then came for a wander about on stage during the otherwise intense climax of the second set. Everyone's a critic.

Home now, it's still light (wierd after a gig) about to have pizza and wine. No stress.

Current listening: One Man Guy - Loudon Wainwright III


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