One day

Tomorrow is my wedding day. Today, my last as a single man finds me
sneezing (an allergic reaction? To what? Dust? Weddings?) and not fully
awake. Jenna and I went on a date last night and found a pub only a few
miles away which I wish we had discovered years before. Good food, calm
atmosphere (without being dead) and a pleasantly nervous serving
person. Also, for this area, they had a seriously good selection of
veggy food.

So many things need to be done today. Packing, taking the cat to the
cattery, moving my basses to somewhere that won't be largely empty for
two weeks, making up the little packets of almonds, and something
hugely important that I've almost certainly blanked out.

The best man is coming over tonight to do a quick speech check. His
nervous voice on the phone set me off last night. But, as I write this
I'm feeling calm and ready to face the day... and the rest of my life.

The only other thing is what to write in the blog after the wedding
day. Later this year I start a new job, celebrate a ten year friendship
and, hopefully, go to and play a lot of gigs. Then there's the short
film, the novel and the PhD theme. There has to be something worth
reading in that.

So, assuming I won't be spending the honeymoon in web cafes, this is it
for two weeks or so.

N.B. In Richard Guitarist's studio the other day we discovered it is
possible to rap Public Enemy's 'Fight the Power' over the Beatles'
'Come Together'.


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