OK, I promised an update and here it is. Fuzziness gone as we have booked into the Gatwick hotel for the night, rather than come home. The original plan was to pick up the car and drive to Cornwall, or Devon, or the Lakes. However, overcome with the joys of the honeymoon, and possibly influenced by a lack of sleep, we're now booked onto a flight to Paris where a hotel room will be our home for a few days. It's not Cornwall but it should be fun.

I spent my 40th birthday in Paris this year. The first time Jenna and I had been there as a couple, besides which I love Paris anyway and been visiting the place since I was 17.

Tonight we can chill out here at Gatwick, free and convenient internet access meaning I can write this. Aforementioned lack of sleep meaning I'm not going to email anybody directly.

The Italian part of the honeymoon has been wonderful. Crazy bus journeys, a boat trip to Ischia that hit rough seas and sent us to Naples, me in a flowery shirt and other adventures to be published soon.

It's time to get back to the room, eat the comp chocs and rewire my body clock.

Current listening: Unidentified piece of Vivaldi on the hotel system.


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