What more?

Yes more! Jenna is in the room, enjoying the Olympics. I like sport but I'm a net nerd at heart so here I am, back at the computer with a free beer.

Positano was superb. High cliffs with buildings hanging on, blue skies and a deep blue sea that seemed unaffected by tides. We arrived last Monday having been picked up by a stylish man driving a shiny black Mercedes. My previous holiday experiences usually involved interestingly new forms of public transport and plentiful supplies of guesswork before I ever arrived at my pokey two star digs.
We were brought to a hotel almost on the beach. Technically a five star but more like a four (according to Jenna - she's traveled with more class than I have). The staff were the perfect mix of efficient but not so fawning that you wanted to start a workers' revolution. Champagne was in the room and the balcony overlooked the beach and sea.
In the evening we dined at the hotel restaurant and found our driver playing the keyboard. Imagine a parody of an Italian resort and chose the most cliched music you can think of. That's what he played. Good to see some live music of course but did he have to play every grace note and choose the mandolin patch' so many times? Maybe he did.
Still, the first day was a good mix of travel and exploration. Positano has a lot of steep, narrow alleyways filled with, well, garish 'fashion' would be the only way of describing it.

Day one complete. No problem. It should be noted that I did resist logging on at the hotel internet point but I couldn't stop myself from picking up the latest William Gibson at every available opportunity.

This is really it for now. I'm going to polish off the free beer, surf for fun software and go back to the room. Maybe the UK will have won another bronze by now.


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