Five days

A full day today. Jenna and I overslept. I was woken at four by the cat playing with a mouse. I got up to rescue and liberate (out the front door, no need to put it out of its misery this time) the mouse then had a fitful night with bad dreams. The positive side of bad dreams is that the waking world is a better place than where you have just been.

Anyway, we got up late and drove to Bicester Village, a retail, um, village with end of line stock. Some of it looks like a jumble sale, some is very classy. Shop assistants to match as well. The full range from likeable and human to machine like, snotty gits who make you question if they only took the job to look down on others.

We spent far too long there but Jenna managed to finally get some more clothes for the honeymoon and beyond. I bought a shirt.

All this was fine until we noticed the time. Today's plan was to shop in the morning then pick up my parents and meet Jenna's at a tea shop near where the marriage is going to take place. The plan fell apart when we noticed how late it was and that Jenna still needed to shop some more. Yes, needed to shop more! She is still working this week and this would be her last chance. All I could do was abandon her and drive off to pick up folks and make the meeting.

That part of the day well very well. We met up, talked, didn't exchange any embarrassing childhood stories (I love my folks) and then rushed off home in the rain. We rushed primarily because of the thought of Jenna taking a bus from the retail village to my parents' house in the quite astonishingly heavy rain. When we returned she wasn't there, so I got back in the car and drove to the bus stop she might arrive at. I got out of the car with a brolly just as she came around the corner, soaking and bedraggled. It all felt very romantic, rushing up to her in the rain and giving her somewhere dry to shelter. I've rarely been so glad to see someone.

We went back to mum and dad's to pick up the bags and for Jenna to borrow a tasty silk top from mum. Then, after drying off I went to Richard Guitarist's house to record vocals for one of our songs. very pleased with the results.

I got back to find a tiny frog in the outhouse and Jenna freshly back from the gym. Time to blog and sleep.


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