Here I am in a classroom, all prepared to teach some eager students who want to get their GCSE English qualification. I wouldn't let them write sentences like that, that's for sure.
I have a lesson plan, handouts, assignments and pens but - and this is the important bit - I don't have any students. Maybe because it is the first full day of teaching, or maybe because they are sitting in another classroom or... who knows. It's the first week; anything is possible.
Last night I taught an Access group in English Literature. These wonderful people worked all day, dealt with partners and children (very often) and dragged themselves in for three hours of classwork. Being a product of the Access system I have a special fondness for these classes, but last night's class filled me with confidence anyway.

BTW, I'm off to see Marillion this coming weekend. I'm not a huge fan but in their post Fish day they've recorded some great music. It helps that friend and drummer Richard works for them. It should be a good night.


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