Tony Levin Waffles

Tony Levin, the Emperor of the bass, is driving south to rehearse with King Crimson. The following is an extract from his road diary which, when I get all my links up, will be easy to get to. I recommend a read.


Less driving today - only 300 miles took me into Nashville with plenty of time to rest up for tomorrow's rehearsal.

I couldn't resist stopping at a Waffle House, (having mentioned their juke box in yesterday's diary), and as I ate my scrambled eggs & cheese with raisin toast, I jotted down some of the song titles from the juke box. Ready?

Special Lady at the Waffle House - Waffle House Family
Waffle House Home - Waffle House Thank You
I'm Cooking at the Waffle House - I'm Going Back to the Waffle House
844,739 Ways to Eat a Hamburger at Waffle House - Waffle House for You and Me
There are Raisins in my Toast - Waffle House Hamburgers (I Love You)

and... Last Night I Saw Elvis at the Waffle House

(I can't resist mentioning this other song from their playlist: Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo)

Tomorrow, it'll be Lark's Tongues in Aspic, et al... quite a change!


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