Today, as I'm sure many other bloggers are reminding us, is the three year anniversary of the horrific events in America. Not that there haven't been horrific events in other places before or after of course, but 9-11 feels special.

I only visited New York once, as a teenager, travelling with my good friend David. We took the express lift to the top of one of the twin towers and marvelled at how we could lean into the windows, looking down on skyscrapers and almost imagining we were hanging in the air. AS a 17 year old Manhattan was a magical, amazing place, even though we were no strangers to big cities. On September 11th 2001 I heard the news while getting dressed to go out from my hotel room in Florence. I left the hotel room, walking through crowds of happy American tourists at the coach station who had not yet heard the news, and I spent the bulk of the day at the house of a famous rock star with a wonderful group of people. Tears and feelings of frustration (the phone system wasn't working - which didn't help) slowly melted into the knowledge that even something as tragic as this can be overcome and turned into something positive.

As usual, the lessons learnt from that day have been lost, but our little group has something good to remember and hang on to, and I'm thankful for that.

And in other news, the cat has a temperature, I've finished my full first week at the new job and it's time to make a loaf of bread again.

Current listening: Desert Song - Stanley Clarke.


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