Music, music, music (and Arthur Dent)

Today is the day that Richard, our drummer and the main man of Soul Beaver (that’s a soul band if you’re new here) flies off to Mexico. He is working as drum tech for Marillion and will be making the journey north from Mexico to Canada with the cheery prog rockers.


While he’s away the rest of the band are intending to practise and have some new songs prepared. In October though we take a short break for Dave, the trombonist and sound person, to get married.


In the world of Bridge Street (three piece blues/rock/fusion?) we too wait for the return of our drummer (it’s the same person) but we’re intending to write some new songs and begin making demos. More news about that soon.


Finally, the amazing whirlwind that is Russ (singer/songwriter) will be going up a gear and suggests that I have a chance to be bass player/singer in at least three projects this year. Juggling these is always tricky, especially when the ‘day’ job is a demanding one too. But I like a challenge and I hope to bring news of the more interesting musical events right to you, my bemused but faithful reader(s).


Oh, and tonight, at 18:30 BST (is it BST in England still?) we hear the return of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.


Can’t wait.



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