Among the books that JRR Tolkien wrote was the Silmarillion. It's a hard read and I only recommend it if you feel you haven't suffered enough in your life.

Now, last night Jenna and I went to see Marillion. This was much more fun than the book. The band are promoting their new album 'Marbles' and played a lot of songs from this in the first half of their show. This put Jenna and I at a disadvantage as we had not heard the album. Neither, to be fair, had we heard anything of Marillion's output. We were, therefore, in the odd positions of going to see a band we didn't even know if we liked or not. The crowd at the Forum loved them though, and this helped.

H (Steve Hogarth), the lead singer, was the dominant stage presence and boy, did he show how to do it. He slowly unwound his stage persona and built up the levels of drama each song had to offer.
The band's other Steve, on guitar played some surprisingly restrained solos and did a lot of what I suspect is his trademark head nodding. Drums and keys were tight and well played too. The bass player, while obviously a skilled musician left me cold. I'm probably just jealous.

Apart from the music I got the chance to catch up quickly with some friends. One of these, a drummer of my acquaintance, kindly provided Jenna and I with our passes to get in. As I write this he is in Belgium with the band. By next week they'll be in Mexico. I really am jealous now.

Today the highlight was getting in late from teaching to find two Tony Levin CDs had arrived from Woodstock NY.

Current listening: Desolation Row - Bob Dylan.


nathonix said…
Man, i havent heard of Marilion in a long time, i didnt know they still played!

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