Managers - part one (probably)

Originally uploaded by Roostar.
This is our new band manager. We're in the gap between setting up and playing and waiting to see how this evening is going to progress. Having set up speakers, mixing board and amps we played through a quiet song, quietly (we're in a hotel function room and they always sound boomy without a crowd in them). At the end of the song the hotel's general manager walked in and told us to turn it down. We point out that this wasn't really an option. Ho-hum. The general-manager either has never had a band play before or is throwing his weight around to make himself feel better. Or both.

In a few hours we'll be in a room where the crowd noise will be louder than the band and we'll be asked to turn it up. We are a particularly considerate band and have been through this situation so many times we should be running a sweepstake on how long from "it's too loud" to "please turn it up."

Our new manager will be taking care of business from now on though.


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